This Privacy Policy outlines how the Ecommerce Association of Ireland CLG collects and processes user data when using the website, its sub websites and and the various functions incorporated within.


We take your data seriously. We want to assure you that your data will never be knowingly shared or used for any purpose other than improving your time on our site.

Your data is never sold or given to any 3rd party for profit. Data may be used for the specific use with a 3rd party app, API or service only for the purpose of fulfilling the functionality on the site, for advertising or to communicate with you. At all times you have the right to have any data stored removed from our records.

This Privacy Policy is under constant review and was last updated 26th April 2022

Our Privacy Policy only pertains to this website. If you click on links to other websites through this website, you should read their Privacy Policy which will be different to this one.

Data Processing Overview

We store and receive information knowingly given by (you) the user, for example information given during registration, such as personal details (name, company, designation, job title) and contact information (email address, phone number, etc). Some of this information is required for the purpose of using the site, adding a listing to a directory or specific functionality of individual applications.

We may save browsing habits or your IP address used solely to verify your location for either security or personalisation of content to improve your browsing experience.

Your browsing or personal data is never shared or sold to 3rd party. Data you share in surveys may be used to compile broad regional data for the purpose eCommerce Reports. Data shared in reports is never linked and shared to any 3rd party.

How do we collect your data?

Data is mostly provided by you the user, when you register, when signing up for an event or when you fill out forms on the website. Other data may be submitted by a 3rd party on your behalf, for example being nominated for an award.

  1. When registering
  2. When joining email lists
  3. When signing up for an event or campaign
  4. When buying a product or service
  5. Through cookies while using the site
  6. Message boards
  7. Surveys

We may receive your data indirectly from the following:

  1. Social media sign in
  2. Nomination by other users – e.g. awards.

Why do we collect your data?

Data is collected for the expressed purpose of communication or for the functioning of the services sought by you by using our website.

  1. Managing your account
  2. Processing an order
  3. Mailing preferences
  4. Event updates
  5. Special offers
  6. Notifications of messages from other users
  7. Storing your IP address

How will we use your data?

Data is used in our database to:

  1. Assign functionality of the website to you
  2. Connect you with others you have sought to connect with
  3. Communicate with you (as per your preference)
  4. To match your account with your IP address location to help verify the user
  5. To present relevant content based on your IP address location

How do we store your data?

Your data is stored in our database on servers located within the EU.

It is stored securely from date of entry or last site interaction for up to 3 years, unless expressly requested by you to remove it.

How we use data for marketing?

Your data is used for the marketing of products and services provided by the eCAI and/or partners or other users on the site. It is not shared with any 3rd party and is only sent directly by the eCAI.

You have the right to opt-out of direct marketing by clicking a link at the end of each email, on your preference on your admin area, or by contacting here

What are your data protection rights?

Under EU GDPR legislation, you have the following rights to your privacy:

The right to be informed: Organisations need to tell individuals what data is being collected, how it’s being used, how long it will be kept and whether it will be shared with any third parties. This information must be communicated concisely and in plain language.

The right to rectification: If the user’s personal data is incomplete, they have the right to have data completed, including by means of providing supplementary information.

Right of access: individuals have the right to request a copy of the information that an organisation holds on them. Right of rectification: individuals can correct inaccurate or incomplete data.

Right to be forgotten: in certain circumstances, individuals can ask organisations to erase any personal data stored on them.

Right of portability: in some circumstances, individuals can request that an organisation transfer any data that it holds on them to another company.

Right to restrict processing: in some circumstances, individuals can request that an organisation limits its use of personal data.

Right to object: individuals have the right to challenge certain types of processing, such as direct marketing.

Rights related to automated decision making, including profiling: under most circumstances, individuals have the right to object to having decisions made about them by automated processes or profiling

You can find more information through your local authority or by visiting

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are files stored on your own computer/browser that stores information about your visit to a website. This website uses Functionality cookies used to remember details about previous visits and Advertising Cookies which retain information on your browsing sessions.

Websites must ask for your prior and explicate consent before using cookies to store your data.

Our cookies record:

  1. Your login states, i.e. logged in or logged out
  2. Your browsing habits on our site (links and pages you visited)
  3. Your search preferences
  4. Advertising information
  5. Your navigation on our site.
  6. Items in your shopping cart
  7. Your location (if given)
  8. You IP address

Cookies are essential for the correct functionality while using our site. You can delete cookies at any time through your browser settings. If you delete this website’s cookies and/or are using multiple browsers, you will be asked for consent multiple times. If you refuse our cookies, this website may not function as intended.

What cookies are we using on our site?

We currently only use Functional cookies that remember your preferences and make the experience of using our site easier and better to use.

Functionality Cookies:

Filter search preference – the search criteria you set when searching.

Login – whether you are logged in or logged out.

Tooltip preferences – if you have already clicked it will not show again.

Cookie preference – whether you agree to cookies or not.

3rd Party Cookies

We currently do not use any 3rd party cookies.

Advertising Cookies

We currently do not use any advertising cookies.

Contacting us relating to privacy?

If you wish to contact us regarding your privacy or to request to be forgotten, please do so here