The Six Pillars of eCommerce


The Six Pillars of eCommerce are the bedrock of the eCAI.

We have identified 6 key areas known as ‘Pillars’ that are relevant to all eCommerce businesses. Each year, a company with an affinity to a Pillar will enter a competition to win Pillar Leader for that year. Learn from the very best in these areas.


A competition is opened each year to seek the best eCommerce companies to share knowledge and support our Association.


Entrees undergo an Audit by an independent auditor.


Six companies are awarded Pillar awards.


Pillars write content on the eCAI site to share knowledge.


The process is repeated

The eCAI is a fully voluntary, non - profit organisation run by a team of dedicated eCommerce professionals dedicated to the advancement of the industry in Ireland.

The eCAI was set up to fill the gap for eCommerce representation for all types of eCommerce companies and traders in Ireland. We set out to find out if there was a need and we were overwhelmed at the response.

To date the organisation is 100% voluntary. We have got to where we are with the good will of our dedicated volunteers and companies who have donated services along the way.

In 2019 the decision was made to fully monetise the Association so that we could invest in resources to our members and the development of this unique Business Network Platform.


Each Associate Member elects a representative to sit on the eCAI board to represent their members in policy and strategy decisions.

The board is advised by a Pillar Panel and the eCAI management team.

Together the representatives develop


Independent and Fair

It is important your eCommerce Association is free and independent of influence. Although the eCAI seeks Pillar sponsorship to finance the daily management of the organisation, it is given freely by sponsors and without promise of influence.

The Pillar program is open to competition, meaning any company can challenge for the position.

European Representation


The eCAI is a member of eCommerce Europe a the sole voice of the European Digital Commerce sector. As a result of joining forces with EMOTA, Ecommerce Europe now represents, via its 23 national associations, more than 100,000 companies selling goods and services online to consumers in Europe. Ecommerce Europe acts at European level to help legislators create a better framework for online merchants, so that their sales can grow further

eCAI Team

The eCAI is a volunteer organisation. Everyone involved constibutes free of payment. Lets give a big hand to...

eCAI Charter

" promote the use of eCommerce, best practice and standards for the betterment of business and consumer alike."