Published: 31st December 2020

12 Hacks of Content Marketing- #7 Starting Your Own Podcasts

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12 Hacks of Content Marketing- #7 Starting Your Own Podcasts



Welcome to Day 7 of the eCaI 12 Hacks of Content Marketing series where we discuss numerous growth hacking techniques which you can implement into your business. We delve into the benefits of different hacks to portray the possibilities of growth hacking. In today’s article, podcasts are the topic of discussion. Specifically, we unravel what’s involved in starting a podcast and how it can help your online business flourish.


Firstly, what is a podcast? Well, for those of you who are unaware of podcasts, it is essentially a radio-like broadcast, where one or numerous people discuss chosen subject matters that appeal to them. The unique selling proposition(USP) of podcasts to consumers is that they choose what to listen to and have a good idea about what will be talked about, unlike radio. Podcasts are continuously becoming a more prominent form of media. According to Infinite Dial, 75% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 70% in 2019.

Podcasts are such a unique content platform as they can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Whether it's the car journey to work or gym session on a Friday night, people can tune in to a podcast. They can be broadcasted through any device with access to the internet.


Why Start a Podcast?

(a) Reach: Podcasts offer an additional medium to expand your audience. Since they are so easily consumed, people are more inclined to give up some of their time to tune in to some interesting conversations. To coincide with the extended reach, podcasts can allow you to develop a more intimate connection with listeners. The voice of the business is more powerful than what is read through blogs or social media. With voice you can feel the emotion of the person behind the microphone and learn to articulate them.

(b) Build Authority: Podcasts are a brilliant way to gain authority in your industry. As you can build on the trust of your audience, they may begin to view your business more positively than others. When you provide people with an additional medium to consume your content, then you enrich your brand image and become more certified as a business.

(c) Increase site traffic: As new listeners become aware of your podcast and begin to find you interesting, your business can capitalise on their loyalty. You can direct customers to your site where they may end up purchasing your products or services. Furthermore, by starting a podcast it serves as another avenue to drive sales for your business.

(d) Network: If you start a podcast you can invite guest speakers from your specific industry on the programme. This will enhance your working knowledge of the industry and create deeper connections with successful individuals. This can lead to more prosperous business opportunities in the future. In business, it's not always about what you know but who you know. Furthermore, podcasts offer a chance to grow in your niche.

(e) Low-entry barrier: Starting a podcast is a very simple and cost effective process. The main costs involve a decent-quality microphone and set of headphones. Much of the editing software available is free. Some other initial costs you may require are intro/outro music and cover art for your podcast profile. These can easily be bought on freelancer platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. Overall, you can easily get started recording your podcast for under €100 today!


What you'll need to start?

(1) Podcast Name/ content

(2) Decide on podcast length/ schedule

(3) Podcast format- solo/ co-hosted/ guest-based

(4) Equipment/ software (as listed above)

(5) Decide where to host your podcast files ( Podbean, Anchor, Libsyn for e.g)

(6) Distribute podcast across channels (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Youtube etc)


In conclusion, the opportunities that arise from podcasts are extremely beneficial for your business. If you believe that your business can offer valuable content to a target audience in your industry, consider choosing the podcast stream. They not only offer a greater direction for new audiences, but can set you apart from competition making you a go-to business in your niche. We hope you have been educated on the foundations of starting a podcast. Stay tuned to to learn more about growth hacking and its diverse strategies.


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