Published: 1st January 2021

12 Hacks of Content Marketing- #8 Video Marketing

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12 Hacks of Video Marketing- #8 Video Marketing



Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2021 and Day 8 of our Ecommerce growth hacking series. Today we look at video marketing and its role in gaining traction for your online business. We discuss several types of video marketing and some practical tips to help you attract customers using video.

Video marketing is undoubtedly a very widespread form of marketing and is increasingly being taken advantage of by online businesses. According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands … more than any other type of content. Additionally, video content on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by 80% and 90% of customers say video helps make buying decisions. These are just handful of the prosperous statistics regarding video content.


Video marketing types include but are not limited to:

(1) How to/ tutorials: No matter what area of business you operate in, there is a vast amount of valuable information you can teach and educate consumers with. If you sell gym equipment for example, you could post videos showing free workout plans for your customers.

(2) Video Interviews: As mentioned in yesterday's hack regarding podcasts, they can be distributed through a Youtube channel. Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, video for your business should be present on the platform to aid with potential reach. This form of content can be broken down into clips or segments that can be shared across social media and your website.

(3) Video testimonials: Showcasing videos of customers who purchased your products or services can serve as social proof to new prospects that your company is worthy of their support. As videos trigger an emotional response, viewers are more easily influenced with decision making when they see faces, color and motion compared to text and still images.

(4) Presentations/ events: As an online business, opportunities will arise for you to attend events and presentations either virtually or in-person. By forming video content around this material, it will inevitably generate a stronger brand image and educate customers on your business and future aspirations. 

(5) Live Videos: Live video gives your viewers a special, behind-the-scenes look at your company. It also leads to higher engagement rates. Both Facebook and Youtube offer live broadcasting services for free. Live video allows customers to ask questions directly and receive a quick response. Due to the vulnerability of performing unedited live videos, customers may resonate with your business and begin to trust the brand as the video is more authentic .


Video Marketing Tips:

(1) Embrace your personality: Video provides a unique medium to portray your brand culture. You can be fully transparent with your customers and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. People fall in love with brands because of their culture and values, not their products and services. Use video to show off your brand and what sets you apart from the competition.

(2) Call to Action’s (CTA): It is not worthwhile creating video content without an end goal. Whether the goal is to drive conversions or increase subscribers to your Youtube channel, be direct in each video to include a clear CTA towards viewers. An attractive CTA may be telling customers that the link in the description of the video gets them 20% off your business’ products/services for a limited-time period. You can try including CTA’s during different stages of your video to discover which work best for you.

(3) Analytics: One of most appealing aspects of video is the abundance of measurable data you can derive from them. Video success can be easily measured with metrics such as view count, audience retention, click-through rate and engagement. These can assist with video production going forward. For example, if you notice that viewers click off your videos around the halfway point, you could excite them at the introduction, stating the end of the video is worth  watching. In addition, Google Analytics allows you to review the video content you have embedded on your site and make necessary adjustments to maintain and improve site traffic and conversions. 

(4) Optimise for SEO: Another amazing feature of video is its capability to rank highly in search rankings. Since Youtube is indexed by Google, it acts as an alternative method of ranking for specific keywords. Therefore, take a calculated approach towards video titles and descriptions as they may help drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

(5) Stories vs Sales: Arguably the most important rule of video marketing is to provide value to your audience, not solely to sell your products and services. Viewers can easily tell if the video is a sales pitch or a compelling story. Video is the greatest form of marketing to ignite emotions and build a loyal audience by using powerful stories to engage customers and keep them interested in your brand. Stories that resonate with customers also pose a greater chance of being shared with others.

The ROI for video marketing is highly attractive if it is effectively deployed. Video should ultimately be used to educate your audience and provide value to them. Its ability to be shared in a broad sphere can lead to fantastic results for your business.


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