Task Force Terms and Conditions – Please read and agree.

Non-commercial condition

Mentoring is strictly non-commercial. Advice is unbiased and not focused on any one particular brand or service. Mentors must understand fully that this single condition is taken very seriously. The reputation of the entire campaign and work of all our mentors relies on it.

All participating companies who are seeking to get online are surveyed on their session’s completion.

All cases will be investigated. Any company or individual found to be in breach of this condition will be asked to leave the program and their membership will be revoked.


The program seeks deals “tailored specifically for Covid-19 effected companies Deals that have previously been offered to the general public in the past will not be accepted.

Deals must be “Free or Greatly reduced” and are specifically made for Covid-19 companies. These deals will not be made available to any company not on the Covid-19 list.

As an eCAI member, companies are free to offer other deals to the companies on the general eCAI directory, but they must differ from the Covid-19 offers.


As a Mentor or a Contributor, you become part of the eCAI eCommerce community. We ask members of our TaskForce to join us in reaching as many companies as we can.

TaskForce members receive a badge, email footer and other marketing material to display your participation proudly. We ask that you place them appropriately.

TaskForce members are asked to promote the initiative on Social Media.

Twitter: @eCAIreland



The Process - Content

Companies are given a list of multiple Mentors to choose from. They are asked to look at their content and website for guidance in choosing.

As a Mentor or Company, your content on your profile will influence their choices.

Non-Commercial content.

All TaskForce members are asked to write or video non-commercial content specific to advising readers how to get online or use a specific service. Mark the content as non-commercial. Readers as asked to evaluate content after reading and assess if it is commercial. If content is flagged as commercial and the author has marked as non-commercial, it will be investigated and removed where appropriate. All non-commercial content is available to all users on the eCAI site. The more the better.

Commercial Content

Commercial content is welcome too, but it must be marked as commercial.

Commercial content is valuable for users in assessing your background and services. Commercial content is shown on your own eCAI MiniSite or Profile only. It does not appear on the main eCAI site.

Free Membership

All TaskForce members are given free eCAI membership for 1 year.

Free membership is valid for Individuals, Traders and Services only. Partners will receive a €350 discount. Each member will be sent a discount code which is used on the website to activate your discount.

The eCAI is a voluntary organisation and we need your support. We ask larger companies who can afford to pay the membership to wave the discount code to help us get stronger.

Credit Card Fee

A credit card charge of €0.05 will be taken on all instances to confirm details.