The eCAI represents eCommerce Traders in Ireland. Any company or individual selling goods or services and based in Ireland.

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If you sell goods or services online (on your own site or a platform) you are a "Trader".If you have a product or service aimed at Traders, you should choose "Providers".

"Partners" can be either Traders or "Providers

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€ 120 /annually
  • MiniSite
  • Trader Business Listing
  • Trader Marketing Pack
  • Trader Invites x 1
  • Employee Accounts x 4
  • Event Passes x 2
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eCommerce Businesses
€ 350 /annually
  • Portfolio MiniSite
  • Provider Business Listing
  • Provider Marketing Pack
  • Trader Invites x 4
  • Employee Accounts x 4
  • Event Passes x 2

Suitable For

Digital Marketers
Services to Traders
€ 1500 /annually
  • Partner MiniSite
  • Partner Business Listing
  • Partner Marketing Pack
  • Trader Invites x 10
  • Employee Accounts x 12
  • Event Passes x 12

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