Published: 27th July 2020

Growth Hacking Tips -2

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Growth Hacking Tips #2



The word free is so powerful and attractive to consumers. Put yourself in the mind of customers. Whenever you see the word FREE online, your attention is instantly diverted towards the product or service on offer. Furthermore, as a brand, you should provide incentives to your customers for them to invest in your business. This could be in the form of a free sample or free trial for a service. Once you have gained the trust of the user, you can begin to promote the paid version of the product or service.


Another viewpoint on the term ‘free’ is using free tools to grow your business online. Developing a successful online presence doesn’t need to be expensive.

There are many effective free tools available to enrich your brand in many areas of e-commerce. Some include;

1) Ubersuggest which aids with keyword research,

2)Click to Tweet helps to evaluate your content on Twitter,

3)Consumer Barometer; this is a tool by Google which provides a vast array of insights into consumer behaviour and assists with data-driven decisions and finally,

4)MailChimp is a practical email marketing tool to get your email marketing strategy underway. Ultimately, there is nothing stopping you from growing your online business when you discover a strategy that works for you!


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