About the eC.A.I.

The eCommerce Association of Ireland (eC.A.I.) was founded in 2015 with a purpose of setting standards, encouraging good practice, providing information, and promoting the use of eCommerce in Ireland.


eC.A.I. members choose to be audited on joining and on an annual basis to uphold minimum requirements and gain accreditation.


The eC.A.I. advocates on behalf of, and informs members of relevant legislation and policy in Ireland and at E.U. level.

Build and Gain Trust

Trust is at the core of eCommerce worldwide

Consumers and businesses alike, deserve a minimum standard of service when buying or paying for goods and services online. eC.A.I.’s standards focus on streamlining best practice in all sectors of the industry, with an end goal of maximising business potential for its members, while promoting safe, efficient and user friendly shopping environments for consumers and B2B users.

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Informing and Training

Stay updated on technologies, policy and practice

It's important to keep up to date with latest trends, technologies and practices. The eC.A.I. holds regular meetups which you can sign up for at http://www.meetup.com/ecommerceassociationireland.

Additionally we send members regular newsletters detailing advancements in the industry, policy issues, and valuable insights.

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360 Crew

360 Crew

DONEGAL TOWN County Donegal

Service or Business to eCommerce sector
General info

360 Crew operate from a state-of-the-art studio on Donegal Town showcasing the latest in eCommerce Photography Software and hardware. Services can be divided into 4 key areas:

eCommerce Photography- provide product photography services - Still & 360 Spin- with support on the implementation of 360 Spin on client websites

Managed Services- custom contracts for shooting large back-catalogue of SKU's at client sites

Studio Software- Consult, Configure, and Train clients on market-leading Spin Me software to automate and optimise their product photography creation and management. Used by top clients worldwide such as Selfridges, Macy's, Home Depot, Tesco.

Studio Hardware- Consult, Supply, Install and Training on the use of market-leading hardware for 360 Spin photography capture. Used by top clients worldwide such as Schuh, Halfords, Grainger, Appliances Online, vente-privee, and 3M.